Air Warriors Blow Blaster


Buzz Bee Toys

Avg. Price:

$5 (at Dollar General)


90fps average

Rate of Fire:

One dart every five seconds


A fun and unique blaster platform

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Blow Blaster Review

I’ll preface this review by saying there are more useful blasters to be bought for $5. Things like the Xshot Fury 4 and the Alpha Strike Fang exist for the same price. Even single shot blasters with high dart speeds (like the Xshot Kickback/Adventure Force Hypershot) can be found for $4. The Air Warriors Blow Blaster, though, aims for a unique (and fun) experience that also happens to shot darts really well – without getting spit all over your darts. It was my favorite at Buzz Bee’s Toy Fair showing, and is still my favorite now that their blasters are hitting shelves. (Currently just at Dollar General)

Blowguns for all Ages

As per US PatentĀ 10,151,554, Buzz Bee has a unique way to do blowguns. The entire blowgun assembly actually consists of an air pump, tank, and dart barrel. The back of the air tank has a blast button (like you’d see on a classic Nerf Hornet, or a more modern Buzz Bee Xtreme Blastzooka). The question then becomes how to trigger the blast button.

The key to the design is a small plastic shuttle that sits within the pump tube. It seals the pump while you pressurize the tank – and also sits just out of reach of the blast button. However, when using the blaster, you fully extend the assembly. At this point, bleed holes near the blast button open up; blowing into the mouthpiece moves the shuttle forward (with the holes letting out the air behind it). The shuttle then slams into the blast button, firing the tank and launching the loaded dart.

It’s an interesting method of adapting the blowgun format into a blaster. Sure, blowguns can reach higher speeds (with enough length and strong lungs behind them). But for kids? This is an easier option with good results.

Fully extended, the blowgun is over 13.5″. When the tubes are all pushed together (and it can be stored that way, pressurized), it’s closer to 10″. The blaster includes a storage clip for six darts.


The Blow Blaster advertises needing just two pumps; for my testing, I did three pumps to be sure everything was seated correctly for pumping air. At my fastest, I could fire one dart every five seconds.

More impressively, the blaster got a consistent 90fps with the included darts.

Last Thoughts

TheĀ Air Warriors Blow Blaster is a unique blaster, for a relatively low price. It’s never going to have the highest rate of fire, but it’s easy to use and packs a punch in a neat package. Given the thin body, I’m tempted to buy a few more and throw them in with the rest of my gear. Or to figure out a good way to add them to other blasters.

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  • Syed-Ali Jafri

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since your Toy Fair coverage, and I’m thrilled to see it hitting 90 FPS straight out of the box. Where are these available for sale, and when? I haven’t seen them show up with the new wave of blasters hitting Target and Walmart.

    • So far, only at Dollar General! They should be updating store shelves – but that obviously depends on the area. Only one store near me has their shelves fully switched over for fall.