Blasterhub Holiday Giveaway – Week 2!

It’s Week 2 of our holiday giveaways! I moved this up a day compared to last week, due to the simple fact that Thanksgiving is here. So it’s easier to just get things taken care of prior to everyone (including myself) being busy with food and shopping.

Here are the revised rules, after last week. The Blow Blasters got shipped, but a few things need clarified in order to make life easier on myself. As per last week, just leave a comment on the Facebook Contest post!

  1. Please be a United States resident old enough to actually use Facebook as per their terms of service.
  2. Two winners will be chosen at random from all comments made before 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, Nov 27th. Winners will be promptly announced.
  3. I will message the winners for their contact information, put the blasters in the mail, and provide the tracking numbers.

This week, we have two Nerf Rival Knockouts! Yes, they’re Rival Jolts. but they’re stupid fun, and if you’re feeling adventurous, can be modded into absolute monsters when it comes to shooting half darts.