Little Tikes Makes Mighty Blasters? Who Knew?

This was an odd thing to see before leaving for the weekend. It appears there are soft-shooting, oversized blasters for toddlers, courtesy of Little Tikes! They only advertise 12′ ranges. That being said…I somehow still want them, and I’m 30 years old. More below. (Website Link)

What Is This Even???

It would appear that the Mighty Blasters are hacky sack launchers, for lack of a better description – the ammo appears to be┬ámade of fabric and stitched together with stuffing on the inside. Each one┬ácomes with some ammo, with various “power” themes, like Magic, Wind, Shark Bite, etc. Almost like they’re giving little kids a superpower launcher…

There are also refill packs available, that come with an ammo belt.

Looking at the blasters themselves, there are no triggers to be seen – they are purely pull and release. This would probably be in line with the whole idea of “don’t give little kids toys with stored energy”. In addition, based on the available pictures, the blasters appear to simply hit the ammo and launch it that way, with no plunger tube. It’s just a plunger making impact.

I don’t know how well these will sell – after all, Nerf used the “Koosh” brand for kids’ foam ball launchers (if not the exact same demographic, then pretty close), and those disappeared relatively quickly. But who knows – something big, bright, and easy to grip and use (with a safe ammo type) might end up a big winner.