New York Toy Fair: Day One!

I’ll be adding to this post all day as things progress and I see more of the show. Stay tuned for more!

Zing Toys

Zing hit it big with their Hyperstrike bows and Zax toys, and they’re pushing them this year as well. However, it also involves new colors, new body patterns, new packaging, and more retailers. Naturally, I took a few shots at the indoor range and hit 3/3.

There’s also that little bit of news from last year, where they bought the Marshmallow Blaster brand! A few of these products showed up in stores for Christmas, but now we’re seeing the full revamp of the line, with all the new colors. No word yet as to whether we’ll ever see another Mazooka, though.

Dart Zone / Prime Time Toys

Dart Zone is, for all purposes, up to the #2 spot for brands people associate with dart blasting. Between their Walmart offerings via Adventure Force, solid shelf space at other retailers, and great darts, they’ve been able to push sales simply by having good things available at a good price. And they were able to push out the Dart Zone Pro Mk1, selling out all 1000 units last year. Now we have the Mk.1.1, available at Target starting this weekend! (Link to Dart Zone website info here)

The 1.1 is in a new color, and features a more solid stock (the first could collapse under some force). It also comes in more budget-friendly packaging, all for $150. Dart refills are still through Dart Zone’s website, but proof of purchase will get you a $10 coupon towards that ammo buy.

As for the rest of the line, between blasters and water toys, it’s trying to revamp older blasters in new packaging, especially ones that are out of their exclusivity deals (like the Enforcer, which formerly was only through Adventure Force).

There are things on the horizon, as well as things still in the promotion stage (manufacturers have to sell retailers on stocking products before consumers see anything). More news will come later in the year.

One last note: Dart Zone plans to be at Endwar again this year. They also plan to be there the whole weekend, not just at Foamcon!