Dart Zone Announces the Cornershot!

If you recall from last year, I noted how we here at Blasterhub do our best to report based on the information at hand, as opposed to leaks. That means either officially released info from the company/PR firm, finding the item on a shelf, or from some other outlet that’s public info, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office. One of the trademarks Prime Time Toys grabbed was “Cornershot”. Now, through social media, it’s revealed!

Oh Look, Screenshots!

The Cornershot is a ten dart flywheel revolver, with the ability to bend for shooting around cover. It includes a grip at the hinge point, places for mounting a strap, and a mirrored scope. And it’s a Target exclusive. I’m sure some of you remember the Nerf Rebelle blaster that shot around corners, but this is far more ambitious! It’s also possibly a fun new item for indoor arenas with lots of cover.

It’ll be out at the beginning of August, but fingers crossed that we see it hit shelves slightly earlier!