Nerf Ultra Sonic Screamer Dart Review

The push for Ultra continues, with the Four and Five blasters officially arriving on shelves in a month. In the preceding months, however, an interesting option emerged: Walmart-exclusive whistling darts known as “Sonic Screamers”.

Are they objectively better than regular Ultra darts? Not really. Are they at least a little more fun? Yes. Though it still comes down to whether you want to invest in Ultra.


It’s best to just show a video so you can hear them.

The whistling isn’t especially loud – if you’re firing from a flywheel blaster. You can hear them much better on the receiving end, however. Granted, your ammo announcing that it’s coming isn’t great for battle, but it’s still lots of fun.

As to the cost and performance…it’s the same price as regular Ultra ammo, in the 20-dart packs. My experience hasn’t seen much deviation in performance between these and regular Ultra darts. That is…Ultra dart performance was already questionable in terms of accuracy, and these don’t seem to significantly alter that profile.


The Sonic Screamers don’t inherently improve the performance of Ultra. In that regard, they aren’t going to convince detractors of the line. If you use Ultra, though, you at least have a silly option to use to make the experience subjectively more enjoyable!