Air Warriors Equalizer


Buzz Bee Toys

Avg. Price:

$8 (at Ross)



Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


A decent, bare bones dart pistol.

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Equalizer Review

Buzz Bee isn’t one to shy away from rebranding old blaster designs. In the case of the Equalizer, it’s reusing the design of The Walking: Dead Carl’s Revolver, and using different colors. It’s still a nice starter pistol, and more comfortable than some other Buzz Bee blasters. So if you find it in stores over the holidays, it might be a fun find for the kids.

Sometimes, Simple is Best

The Equalizer is as basic a Revolver as you can make. No fancy mechanisms for slamfire, or extra lever arms for the rotation mechanism. Just a blaster that you prime, rotate the cylinder, and fire. The plastic admittedly creaks a bit during use, but otherwise, the blaster is sturdy enough. The handle is larger than many other Buzz Bee handles (a huge plus), though it (and the trigger guard) could be a bit larger. The slide prime, while made with smooth plastic, has grooves that fit the fingers well. It could be better, but it’s more than adequate.

Inside, it’s even simpler. The plunger tube is attached to the slide prime, and it both pushes the plunger back and indexes the cylinder. Incredibly simple in function, and it works.

In terms of performance, it’s quite competent, firing up to two darts per second, and averaging 74fps with the included darts. Which, by the way, are light enough to hit the 100′ claimed, but also not that accurate. Don’t expect to hit targets reliably at that distance.


The Equalizer isn’t fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s all about doing the job it needs to do.

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