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Three darts per second


A great blend of raw performance and a fun trick!

Dart Zone Cornerfire Review

I’m a little late on reviewing this one, but it’s a fun blaster! The Cornershot is one of the best combinations of gimmick and performance blaster to appear on shelves. The idea of folding blasters isn’t new; the classic Nerf Sneak Shot did it, as did the more recent Nerf Rebelle Cornersight. This, however, is the most effective version of the idea, with a mirrored scope that not only lines up properly, but a blaster that shoots hard enough to hit what you’re aiming at.

It’s a utility that’s not necessarily appearing to hobbyists who only want performance. But kids and casual players will love using it!


The Cornerfire, naturally, is a blaster made to fire around corners. The forward grip has its own button, used to unlatch and pivot the front of the blaster. The front doesnt quite swing ninety degrees, but it swings more than enough to shoot without exposing yourself.


The Cornerfire takes 6 AA batteries in the back of the blaster. Being a flywheel blaster, it has both a rev trigger and a firing trigger; it shares a similar, wide rev trigger with the Adventure Force Spectrum. Through a fun feat of engineering, it manages to push darts into the flywheels, even when the blaster is angled, and does so smoothly.

Speaking of darts, the included waffle tip darts sit in a ten-day cylinder, which sits securely but can be easily removed. Seeing as Dart Zone offers extra cylinders on their website, this can potentially become very useful!


Of course, firing around corners blindly doesn’t work well. To that end, a scope with a pivoting mirror sits on top of the blaster. It’s quite easy to aim using the scope, and the darts fire fast enough for it to be somewhat useful!



The Cornerfire, in my testing, averaged 93fps, in line with other Dart Zone offerings. Three darts per second isn’t out of the question, although there will be diminishing velocities on later darts due to the reduced spin up time.


The inside of the Cornerfire is quite ingenious; there’s a complicated lift mechanism within the pivot of the blaster; this allows the motion of the trigger pull to translate into the front of the blaster. The flywheel cage has the same mounting points as most other Dart Zone flywheel blasters.

With modding, the scope will become even more useful, as the darts will fly farther before dropping appreciably.

Final Thoughts

The Cornerfire is the perfect blend of gimmick and performance, to the point where the gimmick actually becomes useful. While a ten dart cylinder isn’t as tactically useful as magazines, the ability to quickly swap cylinders helps to alleviate those concerns. At the very least, $25 for this blaster is quite reasonable for giving kids a good time. But I’m pretty sure even hobbyists will find something to enjoy here!

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