Coming this Friday: HvZ in 2021 – a Post-Pandemic Discussion!

Here’s a fun virtual roundtable to watch! This coming Friday at 7pm EST, there’s going to be a lovely discussion about the future of HvZ on college campuses. Having an actual pandemic (and no zombies) wasn’t fun at all, and things will have to change, for clubs at private and public schools, both old and new.

  • Justus Carnley

    Actually, if you are outside where vitamin D is provided by the sun, and the UV rays kill germs and viruses. I don’t think much has to change at all. We played HvZ since at least 2005 without issue. People played outdoors together with much higher and closer contact sports than HvZ, and did so for decades despite pandemics. I think we ought to go back to normal. We should never let one virus change the entire natural order of things. We should never let it’s fear rule our lives.

    Faith in God and assurance of eternal salvation eliminates all need for fear. Fear can be used to control us, and make us a less-free society, just like we’re seeing in Australia, where many of our fellow blaster-brothers are. So let’s stand against tyranny and fear, and return to how things not just used to be, but ought to be.