Adventure Force Sentry X2


Prime Time Toys/Dart Zone

Avg. Price:

$10 Walmart Exclusive


97fps average

Rate of Fire:

Two balls per second


Much improved over the initial 2019 release!

Review Update: Adventure Force Sentry X2

While we’re on the topic of improved blasters, let’s peek at the Adventure Force Sentry X2. It was recently massively discounted on Walmart’s website (though it can still be found on shelves), and I grabbed a large box of them. Since the original review, Dart Zone has improved the blaster, both in performance and feeding. It took some time, but now the Sentry X2 is a worthy Kronos alternative!

Perfectly Balanced. As All Things Should Be.

It even loads upside down!

The Sentry X2, on release, was horrible on the velocity front. Newer blasters, however, have a much better seal on them. Of the two blasters (out of 12) I unwrapped, the average shot was 97fps. That’s a massive improvement from 68.

Perhaps just as important, the loading is a lot more reliable. The internal, six ball magazine loads reliably regardless of blaster orientation. This makes the firing process faster and easier, by far.

All the other features are still there, from the safety trigger to the front-mounted loading door with storage for two extra balls.

Final Thoughts

It’s always good to see blaster that have been improved. The Sentry X2 was…not great at first. Now, though, it’s got plenty of power, and it has the consistency needed for gameplay. If you need a pistol, this will work in a pinch.

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