Dart Zone and Xshot Product Updates: Royale, Mk3 Canada, and More!

We have a bunch of updates to put here! When can we see the Dart Zone Pro Mk3 in Canada (as promised earlier), new things to buy now, and future offerings from Xshot! Let’s just follow the break and jump in, shall we?

Dart Zone Pro Mk3 on Amazon.ca

It was supposed to happen at the same time as the US launch. However, technical difficulties ended up delaying the Canadian release of the Dart Zone Pro Mk3.

Now, however, we have an entry on Amazon.ca! We have yet to see it go on sale, but according to Dart Zone, it should be within two weeks’ time. So if you’re north of the US border, you can add the Mk3 to your wish list and get notified as soon as it goes on sale.

Speaking of being up for sale…

Apex Twin Packs! Online at Last!

The Ballistix Ops Apex was always a fun blaster to use, and unique in the world of ball blasters. After all, there really aren’t any other true revolvers firing Rival-style rounds. However, distribution at Dollar General tended to be spotty, with blasters (if they showed up) disappearing and then often not being restocked.

Now, however, twin packs can be found at Target! Not only that, but it appears that the balls have a brand new pattern on them. Dart Zone sure does have a tendency to change up how their ammo looks, even if it still functions the same. The pair is, for the moment, an online-only option. Even so, having a reliable point of distribution may lead to it finally becoming a modding platform, due to easy access.

The Xshot Royale Editions Expand Beyond Chaos

Earlier this summer, some of the Xshot Royale blasters became available in a pack on Amazon. Now, however, we’re going to see the blasters pop up at Walmart and Sam’s Club (as well as on TV commercials, given the packaging)

Now we have large blasters like the Omega and the Turbo Advance in gold! Is there a bit of a premium? Yes. Do they still look good, function well, and come in at a reasonable price point? Also yes.

Some of these may pop onto shelves for the holiday season. However, if you just care about the links…

Xshot Chaos Faze Blasters Next Year?

Finally, Xshot seems to enjoy doing recolors of the Chaos line. We’ve had the original blue and black, Royale Editions, and even some white and blue variations (a Meteor at Family Dollar, and a GIGN-themed Orbit). Now, thanks to entries popping up at Smyth’s Toys (and being cached by Google before they were hidden), we know of clear variations!

Smyth’s even posted some videos, too.

Apparently, Faze Clan is an e-gaming team? I don’t actually keep track of that sports area, so plenty of you will know more than I do. I just know that there’s cool, clear blasters expected next spring.