Ghostbusters Mini Puft Popper



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30' maximum

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One dart every three seconds


A silly and fun movie tie-in, especially for younger kids.

Ghostbusters Mini Puft Popper Review

Not every movie tie-in blaster is bad. Some of them are genuinely entertaining. Especially if they drop trying to be serious and just celebrate the thing they’re promoting.

The Mini Puft Popper is one such blaster. Functionally, it’s the underbarrel missile launcher from the Nerf Demolisher. Aesthetically, it’s a launcher for haunted foam marshmallows. And I, for one, am glad I bought one!

Let the Silly Commence!

To give better context, let’s have a video of the blaster in action. Yes, it’s a round with many of us using “awful” blasters…but it’s also arguably the most fun we had that day.

Needless to say, using this blaster was highly entertaining.

What Are We Dealing With?

This paranormal projectile launcher is quite simple. There’s no trigger, only a pump handle and a barrel. You load the marshmallow into the barrel. Then, you push the pump grip forward. Finally, while aiming, you pull back the pump quickly. This compresses the air in the tube inside, spitting out the marshmallow. Reload from the storage slots on top!

The blaster works like previous missile blasters from Nerf (Demolisher, Thunderblast, etc), but the spigot is specifically made for these marshmallows. You won’t be able to fire missiles, or oversized darts (like Mega XL). Just the included ammo…which has funny faces. Because of course the haunted little creatures are laughing at you!

There’s not much more to actually add about this blaster. It’s painted up to match the theme, it’s fun (and easy) to use, and it’s relatively inexpensive – $21 for a movie blaster is quite alright. You launch giant foam projectiles up to 30′, if you pump hard enough and fire up in the air. If it’s you’re thing, buy one and have fun!

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