Nerf Elite 2.0 Loadout Pack



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Two darts per second


A fun combo pack for the kids - though if you want performance, better blaster packs are out there.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Loadout Pack Review

Blaster packs. You usually see them from companies like Xshot. Recently, though, Nerf has gotten into the combo game, starting with Alpha Strike. Now, just in time for Christmas, we have the Loadout Pack from the Elite 2.0 line. One shotgun, one multishot pistol, and a Jolt-type blaster

Lots of Blue

The blasters in the pack all follow the Elite 2.0 color scheme; you have large blue clamshells with orange accents. The Technician is a large blaster, but only has two shots, one after the other. The Quadfire is the newest derivative of the Quadrot/Fang style of blaster. The new “Jolt” is the Ace.

The Technician is quite comfortable in hand, with a large grip and pump. It also has a stock attachment point…though that seems rather useless for a two-shot blaster. But hey, if you want to use the attachments, you can! Darts are loaded into the barrels from either side.

The Quadfire also has a nice handle, though the trigger area is a bit tight. It’s a simple pull-back blaster, with four barrels firing in sequence. The goofy iron sights on top kinda work if you’re close? It’s clearly a stylistic choice, rather than practical. There’s also a rail on the bottom of the blaster.

Finally, the Ace is a Jolt in a fat body. These kinds of pistols have always been awkward to use, due to how small they are. This one is somehow a little more awkward, due to the wide body. Even so, it operates the same, and you don’t usually buy Jolts because of comfort, anyway!

The kit comes with fourteen darts, enough to fully fire each blaster twice.


The Technician and the Quadfire both averaged 72fps out of the first barrel. Velocities diminish with subsequent shots, due to how “Smart ARs” work. But even in the case of the Quadfire, the last shot hovered around 60fps.

The Ace, meanwhile, averaged 52fps with the included darts.


As has been the case recently, these blasters were made to be cheaper and easier to manufacture. The shells have a few screws in them, but otherwise are clipped together. In fact, the Ace has no screws at all. I didn’t even bother trying to pry it apart – it’s a Jolt, after all.

The plunger heads are the plastic variety – there are no o-rings to be found, just flared plungers and plunger tubes with tight tolerances.

Final Thoughts

The Loadout Pack isn’t anything compelling for diehard Nerfers. For the rest of us, though, it makes for three fun pistols to use with the kids. Even so, I feel like there are better value packs out there from Xshot and others, shooting further for less money.

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