Nerf Rival Pathfinder Mag Compatibility Fix

It’s been noted by others in previous reviews online that the Rival Pathfinder doesn’t like older magazines. The reason? It latches onto a plastic ridge that was added in 2019. I still have a review to write after an upcoming war (and testing), but for now we have a solution.

The magazine catch mates with that surface in particular, and holds the magazine up far enough to engage the ball release button. Original Rival magazines, lacking that extra plastic, sit too low to engage that button. With the shims glued on that surface, you’ll be able to use the magazines in the Pathfinder.

The files are on my Thingiverse!

  • Loric Dax

    I trimmed off the plastic on the newer mags back in 2019 for cross compatibility with dartzone blasters now I have to put it back!

  • Adrian Sue

    Rather than have to fix all your magazines

    how about a single operation on the blaster itself

    try this:

  • Cardinal Rest

    PETG or PLA for these shims? PLA should be good enough right?