Nerf Challenge Canada Opens!

Note: thanks to Nerf Challenge for all the promotional info and pictures!

After a pandemic hiatus, Nerf Challenge is back! This time, it’s open in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. There’s a new site, new pay structure, and possibly an even better time than the initial run. Let’s take a short look!

Less Expensive than Before

When I tried the Los Angeles Nerf Challenge, one of the things that struck me was the price to play. Granted, the cost to rent out an event center in downtown Los Angeles has to be quite high. Even so, unless you were fairly local, it was hard to justify going there for a few hours, let alone pay for the extra VIP perks.

This time around, instead of time, you pay for credits. Different activities will cost anywhere from 15 to 100 credits to participate in, and the credits you have connected to your RFID wristband. Future credit reloads will be slightly cheaper. The exception to all this? Buying a one-day pass. You won’t have credits, but you have free reign for the day in terms of activities. For someone like me who’d spend a full afternoon there (and I was already planning a Canada visit, so why not?), the last one is definitely ideal. And that’s in Canadian dollars, too! ~$45USD for an entire day of Nerf-related activity actually puts this on par with some all-day laser tag passes back home. Except the experience is a bit more tactile!

You can also earn score points to redeem for prizes, and the points last as long as Nerf Challenge is open (the end date is currently unknown).

Note that since you’re paying for credits to do the activities, entry into the place itself is free! So if you’re a parent taking your kids to play, but have no desire to jump in yourself, you won’t need to buy yourself any kind of ticket. Whether you can resist is another matter…

Activities (and Parties)

All the activities from last time are there – the Strange Cargo battle arena, giant sports games, Gladiator-style blasting, and more – as well as a few others. Notably, you can also book a party here, should you have an occasion to celebrate. (Admittedly, I don’t know if this was an option before, although group discounts were a thing at the LA event)

In any case, the event is open Wednesday-Sunday, with times posted on the website. If you’re in the area, it may be worth going there and taking a peek! And then being tempted, and paying to play…you know how these things go.