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Over 250' on the strongest setting

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One arrow every five seconds


A fun spin on the bungee-powered bow idea.

Hog Wild Quick Switch Bow Review

Most of us, by now, are familiar with Zing Bows and the like. Two bungee loops, one on each bow arm, are used to launch the foam and plastic arrows. The bungee strengh varies between products, but most shots out of a bow, given the same draw, will perform the same.

But whay if you could easily swap bungees on a single bow for a difference in power or rate of fire? That’s the concept embraced by Hog Wild Toys. The Quick Switch Bow comes with two sets of bungees, easily swapped to change up your performance (or to adjust for player age). Rapid fire? That works fine. Strong mode reaching 250ft? Beyond that, actually. Even the arrows, after some firing abuse (and dog chewing), work well.

It may be late to shelves, but the Quick Switch Bow is definitely worth a look.

Better Late than Never

The Quick Switch Bow first made an appearance in February 2021. Granted, that appearance was virtual – with the Covid-19 pandemic still in full swing and vaccines not yet widely distributed, most companies were showing off their goods via Zoom. It was expected to hit store shelves in the Fall of 2021, but lots of things missed their target dates.

A few smaller, local toy stores around the US grabbed the bow, but it didn’t become widely available until early this year, when Target began stocking their shelves with it.

In its final store iteration, the Quick Switch Bow comes with three foam head arrows, a bow, and two sets of bungee cords. The green cords require less force, making them ideal for both short distances and rapid fire. At least as rapidly as one of these bows can be fired, anyway. You have to take time to grab another arrow and notch it around the bungees properly!

The bungees run the length of the bow, in parallel to each other, whereas Zing bows have a bungee loop on each bow arm. Of course, I suppose you could try using the arrows interchangeably (arrow orientation is the ultimate difference), but I have yet to see if that even works.

With this configuration, though, swapping the bungees is easy! Two retention pieces rotate 90 degrees to free the cords. After that, you rotate the ends of the cords and lift off the mounting posts.

The bow can be used in right or left-handed configuration. If there’s one weakness, it’s the lack of arrow storage on the bow. But that’s a relatively small gripe.


The Quick Switch Bow works essentially as advertised. The stronger set of bungees, pulled back and angled properly, really does allow 250′ or greater distances. More importantly, the arrows fly straight the entire time. The green, less powerful bungee set allows for slightly faster firing and gets a little over half that distance. More importantly, though, those green bands make the bow far more kid-friendly (as per testing with the neighbors).

Of course, there are other silly uses for the bow as well (cute dog warning)…

Final Opinion

Hog Wild has a great product on its hands. The Quick Switch Bow is similar to Zing products, but different enough to offer more things in a single package. And it works for multiple age groups as well. If you like using these kinds of bows, this is a pickup for sure!

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