Zing and Hog Wild Break Out The Bows!

We may not have Toy Fair this year, but several companies are showing off new toys for the year anyway (even if it means just doing Zoom meetings online). Earlier this week, I got a peek at several new things from Zing and Hog Wild Toys. Of those, we have two fun bows coming up…and that’ll just be the start of all the fun they put on shelves in 2021.

Just The Facts!

Zing Air Hunterz Wrist Bow Fact Sheet

Hog Wild Switch Fire Bow 2021 Fact Sheet

What can I say? Sometimes people don’t want commentary!

Switch Fire – Switching Power in Seconds

The item that really piqued my interest was Hog Wild’s bow – not only are you firing Zing-like arrows, but you can do so at several power levels just by swapping out the included sets of bungees (replacement bungees will be available). You can adapt the bow to the user’s age and strength, or limit bow power to adapt to the size of the playing field. Crucially, I could see Nerf wars actually allowing this alongside dart blasters when using the low power settings. $20 for a bow, three arrows, and three sets of bungees is quite the deal.

Flinging Arrows in the Office?

Or on the battlefield, too – whatever your flavor of fun is. In any case, $15 bags you a wrist mounted bow with an adjustable strap and wrist grip, as well as arrow storage on the sides. It fires the mini-arrows, and includes the foam suction heads for wall-sticking shenanigans.

I sense shield busting gameplay, personally.

I do expect samples of the above at some point later in the year, but even then, I feel like I’ll need to buy more and convert a few people into fans.