Review Rerun: Adventure Force Water Strike Electro Surge

It’s not often you get a response from companies trying to figure out why things aren’t working, or to send out more samples. That did happen, however, after the initial review for the Electro Surge. I got an email from Boley (the manufacturer), not only asking to send out samples from other stores (in this case, from California), but looking for batch info to help determine what happened. The end result was getting three more blasters in the mail to try out. (I may have also remembered to buy one myself from a completely different state while out and about in the middle of the week)

Admittedly, I have some bias here after the initial negative review. But assuming the suspected lubrication issues are taken care of, the Electro Surge (when operational) is a fun option for $10.

It Actually Works!

I got a box at the beginning of the week, shipped from California, with three blasters inside. Which, as far as distribution is concerned, should be a different group than the ones that I bought here in Ohio. That, plus a blaster I picked up in KY to make for a more neutral sample. All of them worked, at least!

Powerhouse, the Electro Surge is certainly not. But for 4AA batteries, it puts out a consistent stream, breaking up when it gets to the 20′ mark as listed on the box. It’s not my first choice for blaster…but for little kids, it would be perfect, given the ease of use.

My previous thoughts on comfort and blaster looks still stand, of course.


Now that I know how blaster operation should go, I do feel a bit better. That initial batch of failures still bothers me, though. In any case, the relevant information got passed on for figuring out the particular batch those came from, etc. So as “new” stock gets rotated onto shelves, you can feel better about grabbing one for the little kids if you like.

Granted, 4AA batteries can only do so much. But I doubt little Timmy is going to be pumping a CPS blaster anytime soon! This is as good an introduction to water warfare as any, and certainly more useful than most “syringe” trigger blasters.