Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Review

Author’s note: all the upcoming Hyper blasters were sent by Hasbro for free for review purposes. Thanks, guys!

At last, Hyper is arriving, due on shelves at the end of June. With it come the inevitable questions. Is the performance superior to Rival? Are the blasters really competitive? Does the initial lineup justify the introduction of a new ammo type?

The answer, after the dust settles, is rather inconclusive. There’s certainly potential, but I’m not as hyped for Hyper as I could be. At the very least, though, the Rush-40 makes a solid argument due to size and capacity.

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Coming Back From The Honeymoon!

Hey readers! I know there’s big news this week, with Nerf Hyper and everything else (I was even in my hotel room yesterday on an influencer conference call). I’ll be posting reviews, game footage, and more soon enough.

However, I’m going to worry about getting back home first. The wife and I have had a lovely time in the US Virgin Islands, and we have maybe a day and a half of turnaround before I take her to the airport again.

I’ll try to have something up Friday. But if I don’t, you know what’s going on.

Have fun blasting out there, and stay safe!

Adventure Force Conquest Pro! And More From the Fall Lineup

Overnight (while I was sleeping, of course), news leaked out from internal Walmart product pages about upcoming blasters. Less than twelve hours later…Adventure Force Brand is already leaving comments on various Instagram posts, so I guess it’s official!

Not only has the next Pro blaster been revealed (and it’s definitely unique), but a new ball blaster and two other, colorful entries. Let’s dive in!

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Quick Review: Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander

I missed several blasters over the last six to eight months, be it due to a lack of time or motivation. However, things still need rated, and the Elite 2.0 line is still on shelves!

The Commander serves as the replacement for the Strongarm/Disruptor, and while other blasters can get better performance for less money – a Nerf fan who buys one probably won’t be disappointed.

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