Blasterhub’s Best Blasters of 2021

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Where all of us blaster enthusiasts give subjective opinions on the best of the past year? Well, I know I’m behind on things, but between my reviews and the others I’ve seen (as well as blasters I’ve played against in battle), I can make a list! Here we go!

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Nerf Fortnite SR Blaster Review

Hammer-primed blasters are one thing Hasbro has lots of practice on. When the Fortnite blasters appeared, it was only a matter of time before one showed up. The resulting blaster, the SR (silenced revolver), isn’t actually a revolver like in the game. But it still functions quite well as a sidearm.

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Nerf Dragonpower Blaster Line Review/Overview

Earlier this year, Hasbro decided to cross promote Dungeons and Dragons with their other brands. Nerf was no exception, seeing three brand new blasters released in the Dragonpower series. One bow, one single shot pistol, and one very long revolver later, we have blasters fun for both play and for imagination. The line isn’t exceptional in performance compared with other Nerf dart blasters – it’s on par with Elite. But the styling is fantastic. Whether you’re a kid or a collector, they’re worth a look.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Loadout Pack Review

Blaster packs. You usually see them from companies like Xshot. Recently, though, Nerf has gotten into the combo game, starting with Alpha Strike. Now, just in time for Christmas, we have the Loadout Pack from the Elite 2.0 line. One shotgun, one multishot pistol, and a Jolt-type blaster

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Rival Returns: New Blasters and Accu-Rounds Are Coming!

Well, Walmart let the cat out of the bag: Rival isn’t finished yet! After this year’s Curve Shot series, Hasbro is pivoting towards more accurate Rival, with a tweaked round that works in all Rival blasters. Interestingly, they list very specific claims and testing procedures on the back of the box to show the improved accuracy of the rounds. The blasters also come with adjustable sights and “optimized barrels”, whatever that means. I’m sure they’ll have them on display at Toy Fair next year…assuming they don’t make a surprise appearance on shelves early next year. Follow the links and see the blasters! There’s a single shot pistol, a pistol with an eight round internal magazine, and a primary-style blaster with a magazine well, pump grip, and stock.

Nerf Skeet Shot Disc Launcher Review

Long ago (2007), Nerf released the N-Strike Disk Shot, a device that threw targets into the air for dart aficionados. For $50, you got a large base, six targets, an EX-6 Element blaster, and a remote control for firing the discs. It was a fun experience, provided you had an outlet nearby for the AC adapter (as well as high ceilings).

14 years later, Jazwares has made their own version under the Nerf name. The discs are smaller, the base is battery powered, and no remote (or blaster) comes with it. But for $35, you can relive the good old days. And it does the job well!

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