Transformers Optimus Blaster Incoming!

This was an interesting thing to see, but not wholly unexpected. Hasbro is really trying to push their IP, be it Dungeons & Dragons, GI Joe, or Transformers. The latter has a movie coming out, and naturally there will be toys!

As per CNET, the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 2-in-1 Optimus Prime Blaster will retail for $20, and be able to change between robot and blaster forms. Whether it’s worth that money is another matter…but at least it transforms!

Nerf Dungeons & Dragons Themberchaud Crossbow Blaster Review

There’s a new Dungeons & Dragons movie coming out, and naturally there’s going to be associated merchandise. Seeing as Hasbro owns all of this IP, it makes sense on a corporate level to try and tie everything together. The results, though, are a bit mixed.

The Themberchaud Crossbow Blaster has a unique look and a fun-to-use mechanism. However, it’s awkward to use and pricey for what it actually does. Ultimately, it doesn’t quite satisfy any category, be it purpose or target demographic.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Stormcharge Review

Elite 2.0 didn’t have the greatest start. The latest wave, however, has seen vast improvements with blasters like the Motoblitz. That trend continues with the Stormcharge. And at just $30, it’s a true successor to the Stryfe when it comes to being a Nerf flywheel blaster.

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Nerf Elite Jr Flyer Review

Sometimes, simple is better. Especially when the task at hand is introducing Nerf to a new generation of kids. That’s the goal of the Elite Jr. line, and the Flyer is a standout example.

Easy to use? Check. Lots of dart storage? Check. Low price? Check. It may not be the hardest hitting blaster out there, but for its intended purpose, it’s perfect.

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Nerf Elite Jr. Explorer Review

Author’s note: one Explorer was sent to me as a free sample. Thanks, Hasbro!

There’s an unwritten rule for selling blasters, but everyone knows it: it has to actually work. Sadly, the Explorer doesn’t fall in that category, and I sincerely hope that kids being introduced to Nerf aren’t given that particular blaster.

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Xshot Skins Griefer Review

It was only a matter of time before Xshot expanded their skins line to other blaster types. Seeing as the Reflex 6 is extremely common and popular, it just makes sense for Zuru to redesign it for their paint process.

The Griefer is beautifully made, with plenty of power and capacity. If you buy any of the Skins, make it this one.

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Nerf Rival Forerunner Review

Nerf Rival, despite all odds, is still kicking. And with the blue and yellow Accu-Round line, it seems to have staying power. This year, we see the introduction of the Forerunner, a 12-round. pump-action blaster that pushes the Kronos-style setup toward its feasible limits.

The Forerunner matches capacity with performance, and the blaster is as good as you can get without using actual Rival magazines. If the Pathfinder wasn’t your style, perhaps the Forerunner will be!

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