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Exclusive ZURU X-Shot Blaster Giveaway (UPDATED)

Blaster Hub teams up with ZURU for X-Shot prizes!

(UPDATE) This giveaway is done and the winners have been chosen!

Looking to try out some of the newest X-Shot blasters? Here’s a chance to win one of two, new X-Shot Bug Attack packs in our exclusive giveaway! We’ve been fans of ZURU’s high-value X-Shot blasters for some time, and the Bug Attack line is an exciting addition, with wood-look handle grips, faux metal trigger guards, a unique color scheme, and of course the “creepy bugs” that act as moving targets. Now ZURU has expanded the line with the Bug Attack Value Pack, and the all-new Bug Attack Bug Blaster Bow & Arrow set. We’d like to thank Zuru for their support, and we look forward to sharing ongoing news and reviews of their products with Blaster Hub readers. In the meantime, here’s how you can win one of the two, brand-new ZURU X-Shot Bug Attack sets shown below!

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Nerf Game Report 17/7/16: Melbourne League of Foam

MLF is becoming more and more saturated with flywheelers, and there are fewer and fewer springers and airblasters that see use. Nevertheless, we were able to have a lot of good games. We also switched play area half way, which helped to add a bit of diversity to the day. In this Nerf Game Report, I’ll go through the main blasters that saw use, the gametypes we played, and how the two play areas affected our games.

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Nerf Rival Khaos Review: Frustrating and Fun?

One of 2016’s flagship blasters, the Khaos MXVI-4000, is finally starting to find its way to stores across the nation. I managed to get my hands on one of these $70 Rival blasters to do a video review. In addition, I’ve added some thoughts I’ve had since completing the video for this gigantic blaster.

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Review: Amazon Dash Button for Nerf

Hasbro really wants me to write about the Amazon Dash button that’s now available for Nerf. They’ve sent me press releases, images, a blaster missing most of its darts, a hand-written note encouraging my use, an actual Dash button, and even an Amazon gift card to help me try it out. In other words, they’re doing all they can to get me excited about it, but much like the rest of the Nerf fan community with whom I interact, my initial to reaction to the Amazon Dash button for Nerf was a resounding “meh.” Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try.

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Review: Buzz Bee Destiny (18m/60ft EU)

The Buzz Bee Destiny is one of Buzz Bee’s more exciting releases this year. The old Nerf Magstrike is a favourite of many for its out-of-box ROF and awesome sound. BoomCo’s Rapid Madness is in many ways a more refined version of the Magstrike, but the lack of Nerf compatibility is something that’s really hurt BoomCo. The Destiny offers a return to good old air powered rapid fire. How does it stack up with today’s blasters, and how does it compare to the Magstrike and Rapid Madness?

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Let Us Discuss: Nerf Slings (with Sling Giveaway!)

Slings are an important part of any Nerf battle load-out. Whether it be tailored to long term games like HvZ, or short fast paced games, slings provide some very valuable services to the user. One obvious benefit to the user is the ability to rest their blaster against the sling without taking the entire weight in their hands (this isn’t a super important advantage, but it certainly provides a little quality of life benefit–especially for a longer HvZ style game). Slings also allow the user to drop their blaster and the sling will “catch” it. This leaves both their hands free for tasks like helping teammates, running objectives, or drawing a sidearm. This also saves any paintwork you may have from the cruel mistress that is the ground.

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Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Destiny Review

At Toy Fair 2016, there were more new blasters introduced than just about any year prior. Hasbro, in particular, had a field day with new Nerf blasters of all shapes and sizes that they were eager to show-off. But for all of the excitement and spectacle, it was the Buzz Bee booth that contained perhaps the biggest surprise of the show. Not only was it a shock that Buzz Bee was there at all this year (thank you, parent company Alex Brands), they demonstrated prototypes of several models I never saw coming. One of these new models was the Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Destiny, and it was good. Really good. In fact, even in prototype form, it was one of my favorite blasters of the entire show. Now they’ve sent me one of the first Destiny models off the production line to actually test out, so let’s get to it!

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