Nerf Spring 2017

Nerf Spring ’17 Official Product Details

So Nerf has come to Snapchat. Because apparently that’s where the kids are. And Nerf is for kids… right? Whatever the rationale, Hasbro chose to first reveal their spring line of blasters via this uber-hip form of disposable social media, but nowhere else. It didn’t really attract much attention that we could tell, and it didn’t give fans a chance to learn any details about the new products. It was just a nice tease… on top of the leaks and rumors that were already out there. But fortunately for us, Hasbro still has PR folks willing to share information, so we went straight to the source to finally get some legit, high-res images and official product details.

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X-Shot Coming Soon

Sneak Peek: New 90ft.+ X-Shot Blaster to be Revealed

ZURU Toys has informed us they have some HUGE X-Shot product launches scheduled for 2017, and we’ve been given a sneak peek of the first blaster in the new line to be announced! Details are scarce at the moment, but there are a few key points that are noteworthy… that is, of course, if a clip-based, crossbow-style blaster that can hit 90 foot ranges piques your interest!

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Nerf Game Report 23/10/16: Melbourne League of Foam

Had quite an unusual MLF event today. Quite a few players arrived late, so we started the day rather slowly with a relatively smaller player count. As people started to arrive though, the games got bigger and more intense, culminating in a series of extremely tight and long games. In this Nerf Game Report I’ll describe the blasters that saw use, the gamemodes we played, and in particular how differently short and long games played out.

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Hasbro Hascon

HASCON Entertainment and Play Experience Coming September ’17

Not to be confused with Comic-Con, HasbroCon, Cybertron Con, or any other Con-trived name for a convention, Hasbro has officially announced “HASCON,” a get-together for fans of Hasbro toy properties scheduled to take place in September, 2017. The event promises three days of “immersive entertainment experiences, talent and character appearances, panels and more.” Oh yeah, and it might include some new Nerf stuff, too.

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Nerf Game Report 8/10/16: Melbourne HvZ

We had a lot of players today, which made for some really good games and some rather big, rather scary zombie hordes. We also tried out a new Survival variant: Hostage Survival. In this Nerf Game Report, I’ll be going through the main blasters that saw use, the game types we played and, in particular, how Hostage Survival played out differently versus regular Survival.

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Nerf Accustrike Series Announced

Nerf Accustrike Series Officially Announced

Hasbro’s Nerf team has always been good at designing blasters. But when it came to designing darts, they never quite hit the mark (literally). In fact, it was this consistently poor dart performance that led many to jump on Mattel’s BOOMco bandwagon, in the hopes of finding a blaster that could fire darts accurately without extensive modifications. Recently, however, BOOMco has become something of an afterthought, releasing blasters with little fanfare, and generally only with some contrived pulp culture tie-in (so-called “licensed” models). What better time, then, for Hasbro to jump in with an all-new product line focused primarily on improved accuracy? Enter the Nerf Accustrike Series, featuring blasters that fire a brand-new type of Nerf dart promoting improved accuracy!

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Lanard Huntsman Alpha Ambush Review

Thanks to friends on Facebook and Reddit, I found out about the newest blaster lineup from Lanard Toys. As of this posting, the Lanard Huntsman Alpha series consists of a new bolt-action blaster, a new air pressure pistol, and a recolored Sonic Bazooka (which is nice to see on shelves again). Today we will examine the Lanard Huntsman Ambush.

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