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Hydrographic Magic: From Nerf Blaster to Work of Art

Nerf modding is about taking an ordinary toy and making it better. Some people do this by improving the performance, while others like to change the appearance through painting or custom body work. I like to play Nerf competitively, so performance mods have always been important to me. But coming from an airsoft background, I like to add some tacticool flair to my blasters. Recently, I set out to build my ultimate, dream blaster. I had a clear idea on performance with plans of a full seal metal artifact breech and higher ROF pump action kit for my trusty Retaliator, but how could I match that with something truly unique in terms of cosmetics? The answer came from my friend Tom at Foam Data Services who had offered to do a dip for me as a favor for helping him out with some customer support on a couple of Rapidstrike customers here in the US.

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NERF Review: Zombiestrike Brainsaw

Hasbro has managed to create one hectic blaster that combines both zombies and chainsaws. The all-new Zombiestrike Brainsaw not only fire darts at zombies but it slashes their brains out. The Brainsaw certainly has the ‘intimidating’ element of a Nerf blaster. But is it practical enough to use in a battlefield? Let’s find out.

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The BOOMco Burst Wave – The Uncrowned King of 2015

Editor’s note: While WalcomS7 no longer writes for Blasterhub, we encourage you to view the content on his Youtube channel!

With so many great blasters releasing in 2015, it’s no surprise that a few fell through the cracks. The Nerf Rival line debuted to thunderous applause, Buzz Bee relaunched it’s line with a slew of high-performance magazine-fed dart blasting options, and BOOMco had finally gotten itself back on track after the Gripstrike and Slamblast with such treasures as the Breakflip or Colossal Blitz.

The BOOMco Burst Wave was just something that felt like the cherry on the top of the sundae. It was a completely unnecessary love-letter to blasters of the past that injected some much needed hope into the blasting community: a pneumatic air-powered blaster with a pump and a trigger. This might not seem like much, but after how Buzz Bee had been limiting their pressure tanks to such minuscule sizes and NERF was all about the new High Air Pressure Manual Pump (or HAMP) in the Demolisher 2-in-1 or Thunderblast presumably out of legal reasons; seeing a new option pop up out of seemingly nowhere as a pleasant surprise.

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Blaster Basics: Brass Breeches

When I was first starting out as an early modder, I think one of the things that terrified me the most was the idea of building a brass breech. I became pretty good at simple muzzle-loading rebarrels with materials ranging from old Crayola markers to brass to the newly-adopted 13(ish)mm aluminum, but never a “proper” breech. It always seemed so intimidating to me. There were helpful guides out there like the OzNerf approach to the Sleeper Breech or the ModWorks take on the Angel Breech, but they seemed so daunting. I was totally lost. It didn’t help that when lots of fellow modders posted on their new brassed blasters they didn’t really approach exactly how they brassed it out. I can imagine that I’m not the only person that feels this way.

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Nerf Prototypes Reveal What Could Have Been

Ever wonder what blaster ideas are bandied about by Nerf designers that never see the light of day? It’s every Nerf fan’s dream to be part of the behind-the-scenes decision-making process. Most of us will never get that opportunity, but Hasbro has been kind enough to let us see a few Nerf prototypes and design schematics, giving us a rare peak behind the curtain.

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