Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Rotofury

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Rotofury released last year is the first Mega blaster to include slam fire action and currently has the highest capacity for a Mega blaster. With all these positive features, one would assume the Rotofury is the best choice for a Mega blaster. Let’s find out!

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Nerf Elite Crossbolt | Header

Review: Nerf Elite Crossbolt (21m Aus grey trigger)

Everything out of the Crossbolt box.

Everything out of the Crossbolt box.

The Crossbolt is one of the more unusual and more interesting blasters released in 2015. It’s a bullpup clip (mag) blaster, which hasen’t happened since the 2012 Rayven (and its repaints), but more importantly is a stringer clip (mag) blaster, which is a first. How does it compare to its more conventional springer and flywheeler cousins?

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Game Report Melbourne HvZ 13-2-16

Game Report: Melbourne HvZ 13/2/16

This is the first game report I’m posting here, but I’ve posted many more back on my own blog. These posts follow a relatively simple format: All rules and gametypes are given first, followed by all the significant/notable blasters used and a quick description of how each of them performed, then my thoughts on the day – the gametypes, the play area, etc.

This event was run by Melbourne Humans vs Zombies. I have a few more pictures in this album.

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