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Ultra Tek 8 (Champion)


Buzz Bee

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10 metres

Rate of Fire:

2 darts per second


A solid budget clip (mag) blaster.

Review: Buzz Bee Ultra Tek 8 (Champion) [15m Aus]

Buzz Bee’s new Ultra Tek line brought many things, but the most significant is their adoption of a clip (mag) system. The Ultra Tek 8/Champion is the smallest of these new blasters. The combination of a clip (mag) system and Elite-competitive performance allows Buzz Bee to properly challenge and compete with Nerf.

Everything with the UT8/Champion

Everything with the UT8/Champion

Disclosure: The Ultra Tek 8 was sent to me by Buzz Bee for review, so thanks to them for their contribution. As usual, their contribution will not bias the review in any way.

The Box:

The Blaster:

The UT8 is a relatively simple blaster, much like the base Retaliator blaster. Unlike most Nerf blasters which tend to have extra details and colouring, the UT8 has just the bare essentials and has few external details. The UT8 uses a top priming slide very similar in style to that of a Nerf Elite Strongarm, and in my opinion is superior to the Retaliator’s as it is easier to grip. The handle of the UT8 is well designed, and is extremely comfortable, though not particularly long.

As the smallest of the Ultra Tek clip (mag) system blasters, the UT8 has a very compact magwell that is mostly flush with the rest of the body. It still holds clips (mags) in securely, but is less prominent than in most other blasters.

Operation of the UT8 is basically the same as the Retaliator and most clip (mag) system blasters for that matter. Pull the slide back to open the breech, allowing removal/replacement of the clip. Push the slide forward to chamber a dart, pull the trigger to fire, and repeat.

One of the weaker elements of the UT8 is its clip (mag) release. While most Nerf blasters use well placed, ergonomic switches, the UT8 uses a cylindrical button that must be pushed upwards. While it is still easy to actuate, it’s not as natural or ergonomic as Nerf’s clip releases.

One of Buzz Bee’s best decisions with the Ultra Tek line was making their clip blasters cross compatible with Nerf’s clip (mag) system. Above shows the UT8 loaded with various Nerf clips (mags)/drums, and from my testing all work flawlessly.

UT8 next to a Retal

UT8 next to a Retal

Here’s the UT8 next to its closest Nerf counterpart, the Retaliator. The UT8 is a little longer, though is lighter. The UT8 also does not have a stock or barrel, or the ability to attach such.

The Ultra Tek 8 Dart Clip (Mag):

Just a quick look at Buzz Bee’s 8 dart clip (mag), next to Nerf’s 6 dart clip (mag). The most important difference is the lack of ridge around the Buzz Bee clip (mag).

A continuation of the cross compatability aspect, Ultra Tek darts work fine in Nerf clips (mags), and Elite darts work fine in Ultra Tek clips (mags). The Ultra Tek clips (mags) also fit into Nerf’s clip (mag) system blasters, though can be extremely tight in certain blasters.


FPS shot of the UT8

FPS shot of the UT8

A 15m range claim Ultra Tek 8 will achieve roughly 9-10m ranges parallel to ground quite consistently with the included Ultra Tek darts.

Accuracy is pretty good thanks to the UT darts, which are noticeably heavier than Elite darts, and also have a further forward centre of gravity.

Rate of fire is similar to the Retaliator, around 2 darts per second at best. Not exceptional but quite usable.


The UT8/Champion performs a similar role to a base Retaliator blaster, it’s a basic clip (mag) system blaster that performs competitively and is relatively easy to use. The cross compatability means a UT8/Champion user can jump into a Nerf war with Nerf clips (mags) with no issues whatsoever.

Without the unusual power that the Retaliator packs, the UT8/Champion is not as suitable to long range shots. Rather it should be used as a budget blaster to get into the game, which can be replaced with superior blasters if you choose to invest in such. It won’t be beating a lot of other blasters, but it performs well enough to give a competitive chance.

Value and Summary:

With a retail price of 10USD, the Ultra Tek 8/Champion offers excellent value. It’s half the price of Nerf’s cheapest clip (mag) system blaster (the Stryfe), and is the same price as Nerf’s standard revolver (the Strongarm). For an entry level clip (mag) system blaster, the UT8/Champion cannot be beaten for value. Though not an exceptional blaster, the price is low enough to justify its purchase.

Modification Capability:

UT8's internals

UT8’s internals

The UT8/Champion’s internals are very simple and quite robust, thus allow for very easy and effective modification. Spring upgrades are quite easy and can provide a significant boost in firepower. Unlike the Retaliator and its derivatives, the UT8/Champion is very flexible in the springs it accepts. As such it is possible to use all kinds of spring combinations to achieve the desired amount of power.

Unfortunately, the lack of barrel or stock attachments mean the UT8 is much harder/less convenient to make into a pump action rifle. I believe this is partly why UT8/Champions are not as popularas they could be. Regardless, the ease of modification can make it quite a powerful pistol blaster, perfect for an entry level or loaner blaster.

Again, thanks to Buzz Bee for sending the UT8 to me for review.

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