Leaked Nerf News: Star Wars Captain Phasma Blaster

UPDATE: More images of the Captain Phasma blaster have emerged! Scroll down to see more images.

Wow! Another day of leaked Nerf News. This time we’ll be looking at a new Star Wars Nerf blaster from The Force Awakens. A baidu user, known as ‘longtuoai’, has posted several pictures of an unreleased Nerf Glowstrike Captain Phasma blaster. From the box we can see that the blaster features the following:

star wars captain phasma blaster box

  • Scope (hopefully is detachable)
  • Laser blast sounds
  • Blaster light effects
  • 5-dart barrel
  • Detachable stock
  • Fires one dart at a time
  • Shoots glow-in-the-dark darts
  • Requires three AAA batteries

star wars captain phasma blaster

star wars captain phasma blaster back box

Appears to be a swell looking Nerf blaster! Nothing much else to say. Unfortunately the Captain Phasma blaster will most likely have a hefty price since it is a Star Wars product.