Nerf News: Overwatch Nerf Rival Blasters Teased

Blizzard Entertainment is joining up with Nerf to launch a series of Overwatch themed blasters in 2019. The Overwatch Twitter account announced this partnership, tweeting, “A new way to play. Get your hands on Overwatch-themed #NerfRival Blasters – coming soon!” and with a teaser video.

Nerf have released other branded Rival blasters, such as the Deadpool Kronos, the Boba-Fett Apollo and an upcoming Stormtrooper blaster.

And I believe this is the first time Nerf has partnered with a video-game brand.

Many are speculating in the NIC whether these Overwatch blasters will be repaints or entirely new blasters. With a 2019 date, I personally am optimistic about seeing some new blasters.

Reddit user, ‘Righteous_Fondue’ has suggested that these Overwatch-themed blasters will be unveiled at Blizzcon this year in November. It’s just a theory, but it seems like a perfect time to show off the new blasters.

This is all exciting news, however hefty prices are to be expected for cross-promotional blasters.

Anyway, what do you folks think about this? Hyped? Too long of a wait? Expecting re-paints? Let us know in the comments.


  • Wyatt Holcombe (wymario)

    While I’m not interested in Overwatch, this does seem like a pretty cool decision by Hasbro and Blizzard. BoomCo got Halo, so why not grab an even more popular FPS?
    I’m expecting prices to be extremely high, though. Promotional blasters are already pretty overpriced to begin with, and the fact that they’re Rival blasters (which I haven’t even touched because of the prices, even with the TRU bankruptcy sales) will only make them more expensive. Also, given Hasbro’s track record with unique promo blasters (ones with unique shells, not repaints), performance is going to be a concern if the blasters are unique designs.

  • Imatron

    Seems logical, especially when you consider Overwatch is a competitive esport, and that the rival series was created to appeal as a paintball alternative. Overwatch seems t o have captured a large younger community as well, and that can bridge the interests together.

    This might lead to some new blaster models if the overwatch blasters sell well, but I expect the first wave to be mostly recolors/reshells.

  • Amy

    Blasterhub guy, please tell nerf or boom co to make destiny, call of duty advanced warfare and borderlands video game inspired blasters! That would be so awesome! I loved the ma5 halo blaster from boomco. DONT LET US FANS DOWN!!!!