Nerf News: Overwatch Nerf Rival Blasters Teased

Blizzard Entertainment is joining up with Nerf to launch a series of Overwatch themed blasters in 2019. The Overwatch Twitter account announced this partnership, tweeting, “A new way to play. Get your hands on Overwatch-themed #NerfRival Blasters – coming soon!” and with a teaser video.

Nerf have released other branded Rival blasters, such as the Deadpool Kronos, the Boba-Fett Apollo and an upcoming Stormtrooper blaster.

And I believe this is the first time Nerf has partnered with a video-game brand.

Many are speculating in the NIC whether these Overwatch blasters will be repaints or entirely new blasters. With a 2019 date, I personally am optimistic about seeing some new blasters.

Reddit user, ‘Righteous_Fondue’ has suggested that these Overwatch-themed blasters will be unveiled at Blizzcon this year in November. It’s just a theory, but it seems like a perfect time to show off the new blasters.

This is all exciting news, however hefty prices are to be expected for cross-promotional blasters.

Anyway, what do you folks think about this? Hyped? Too long of a wait? Expecting re-paints? Let us know in the comments.