Buffdaddy’s Game Report!

I’m notoriously horrible at reporting on different games I’ve attended, and usually post footage as an afterthought. However, considering the great people and venues I’ve been at, I thought I’d at least highlight a couple places here in the Midwestern US.

Z13 @ Detroit Dart Club

See Part Two here.

Detroit Dart Club is a great venue, normally used for birthdays and other parties – and it’s a good time for the kids and the parents. However, on select nights, competitive and HvZ events are put on by the Suburban Detroit Nerf Club. In this case it was Z13 (a play on the Detroit area code). And it was a fun time, having various HvZ minigames during the night.

For the uninitiated, Z13 minigames range from Zombie Deathmatch (two humans teams, only one life, dead players turn into zombies and respawn for as long as it takes for the humans to die) to escort missions to a few other game types. It also means you can feel free to rotate between being human and zombie, due to the relatively fast pace of the rounds.

If for some reason you happen to listen to the Detroit Dart Talk podcast, well, you’ll meet those guys here!

CANE – Cincinnati Area Nerf Enthusiasts

CANE is the local blaster club in Cincinnati, and they hold regular Nerf wars throughout the year, both indoors (at an airsoft arena) and outside. It’s a unique experience, especially indoors – while most anything below 200fps is fair game, the cover and the many tight spaces allow for stock blasters and even melee to work. Game types range from standard 3:15 deathmatch and capture the flag to medic games and ten minute unlimited respawn games (the team with the fewest deaths wins).

Make sure to check out their Facebook page!