Water Warriors Trident


Buzz Bee Toys

Avg. Price:




Rate of Fire:

14mL per pump


A fun, kid-friendly blaster with a neat gimmick. But not a heavy hitter.

Buzz Bee Water Warriors Trident Review

Not all water blasters can be large behemoths. Some are small, and great for kids, with fun gimmicks. Such is the Water Warriors Trident, which fires three streams at once. More than that, it can even fire them at varying spreads! It’s not the most competitive blaster, but it’s silly and fun, and for $10, that’s all you need it to do.

Small but Mighty?

The Trident is aptly named, with three streams of water coming out the front. They’re not actually that powerful, getting 30′ of distance at most (and a spray at that distance). They’re also fairly thin streams – with a pump volume of only 14mL, each pump can only fire so much water.

However, the Trident doesn’t just have three streams. It has three movableĀ streams. The trigger on this blaster is used to spread the outer nozzles outward at an angle. This doesn’t really help to soak your opponents more effectively; in fact, it would make it harder. However, if there’s a group of people (or you have aiming issues), then the spread streams becomes more helpful. Who might benefit from this? More than likely little kids.

Given the small pump volume and small capacity (maybe 650mL), it’s hard to conclude that this is anything but a small child’s soaker. In that context, it fits perfectly. The blaster feels solid in hand, with an open design that can fit most hands. It doesn’t weigh much due to the low capacity. And, while the usefulness of the variable streams is questionable, it’s fun to use.

Last Thoughts

The Trident is an inexpensive blaster that’s great for kids. However, it’s not something you’d bring to a heavy water blaster battle. It has limited range, capacity, and firing volume. The main gimmick, however, is undeniably fun to use. For just $10, it’s hard to say that this is a bad purchase for the kids. However, if you’re just not interested in the stream features, something like the Xshot Fast Fill may be of better interest for the same amount of money.