Endwar Summaries, Day Two

Here’s my second post detailing Endwar (first post here) – tomorrow will cover the Foam Pro Tour!

Mission Three – The Beasts

Mission three had four different beasts for the humans to take care of in various ways, whether by assembling a Titan and hitting it three times, or some other method. The first three beasts were taken care of relatively quickly, but the last one was a trip.

One of our mods was a dragon, in its lair. He acted as a tank, walking towards whoever shot him (and pausing for five seconds when shot). There were also four “eggs” scattered around the area that he had to be led to. Humans found the eggs, but not much progress was made in that regard given the length of time available – that may have had something to do with the mass of zombies in the area. Eventually, the game turned into a giant circular chase around the relevant building complex, with humans finally making the pushes necessary to lure out the dragon and bring it to the eggs.

During this entire time, we had several tanks active, as well as two boomers. It wasn’t the most successful mission for the zombie horde in terms of humans turned, but it did result in several unique moments that I sincerely hope were caught on camera – turns out when a boomer is going off in front of you, it’s easy to lose track of things like tanks!

Mission Four – The Cancellation

This mission involved finding and recovering several magical teachers (a basic escort mission). However, before play could complete, the weather intervened. After one initial pause and then more gameplay, the mission got cancelled before some strong storms moved through the area. Waiting for the thunderstorm watches and warnings to expire meant pushing the final mission to 8pm. It also, however, meant that the temperature was a good 20 to 25 degrees F cooler than before.

There was one notable slaughter from this mission that I was happy to participate in…

Final Mission

The last mission, which started at 8pm and then descended into night, involved finding key objects and completing five minute holds at four locations – the locations of the original trials. Once done, all items were to be brought to Sweetheart Circle for a final hold in order to close the portal opened by the evil camp director (Drac).

Things went badly for the humans, as (because it was the last mission) ALL the zombies finally showed up. It’s southern Georgia, so you can’t expect everyone to play every mission (I’m a mod, so I had to). But that also meant not having the zombie numbers we wanted the previous missions that day. This time, however, between the massive horde, boomers, and a generous number of perks (noodles for everyone!), it was a slaughter.

Things quickly went south for the humans as several groups splintered off. Zombies ate away at the numbers, although a few humans did manage to complete a few initial objectives. The group with Beret and the Detroit crew come to mind in that regard. However, by 10pm the mission cutoff time was reached, and the humans lost (those still alive got nommed within a few minutes).