Endwar Summaries, Day One

Now that enough time has elapsed and life has settled down a bit, I have a chance to summarize my experiences at Endwar. Which are a bit different from the others, since I had moderator duties. But even then, it was a fun weekend!

Another advantage of waiting this long: I can highlight cool videos other people have made about Endwar!

FoamCon 2019

FoamCon was great as always, with lots of vendors and personalities on display. I’ve already discussed the various Dart Zone blasters, but there we plenty of great booths. Containment Crew, Foamblast, Naptown Nerf, Out of Darts, and so many more! The video linked does a great job of hitting everyone up, so take some time to watch.

During this time, I was mainly running around either touring campus or helping with blaster checks and safety briefings out behind the building. I did get to run through the booths myself real quick, but I only bought a few small things.

Mission One

Mission One consisted of four main groups: solving riddles, completing mod-directed tasks (Simon Says), grabbing items and completing a hold, and Troll Squad. Each one, of course, has its own magical flavor, in keeping with the wizarding theme.

The first two groups did their tasks – albeit with difficulty, as one group got confused and did the tasks of another, making life harder. The group attempting item recovery and holding (Bravery), however, had the toughest go of it, ultimately failing their objective as the members of Ambition (aka Troll Squad) dropped their blasters and played zombie for a round.

As the Zombie mod, I started out with seven volunteer starter zombies, and for the first part of the mission the OZs simply followed and harassed the nearest group of humans. As the zombie mod, I was also a boomer the entire time, and could serve as a mobile respawn point when shot by humans (with the option of activating on my own, if humans choose poorly and let me get close without shooting me).

We eventually wandered to the southwest side of campus to the Bravery trial, where things really picked up. At that location, there were some respawn points, but they were farther away. With a boomer to get close to the human fortifications, however, Troll Squad was able to push off the humans and prevent objective completion. Many humans were also taken out in the process.

Overall, the first mission was a great success. At least in terms of fun for the players, that is.

Mission Two – Nighttime Gameplay

Mission Two’s objective was simple for the humans – find and retrieve various bins with magical artifacts from the main gameplay area. Being at night, however, zombies had lots of opportunities to sneak up on unsuspecting humans. Two boomers were out that round, and strangely both of us had actual tags on humans. Admittedly, it’s enjoyable being able to go off right beside a group of humans. But humans shouldn’t let me get that close, EVER.

The first half of 12 items recovered happened relatively quickly. The second half of the items, not as much. All that extra time simply meant more humans died. However, there were plenty of fun, amazing deaths, so it was all in good fun.

The mission lasted until 11:30pm, at which point we all made a fast effort to clean up the briefing area and be out before midnight.