Trying the Dart Zone Pro!

First of the posts after going to Apocalypse 2019 (that yearly NIC war out in New Jersey) belongs to the Dart Zone Pro. Drac stopped by and played, with the Dart Zone Pro in hand, before traveling to points beyond. And from the short time seeing it in action and handling it, I can say I’m sold.

Consistent Power, Consistent Accuracy

The Dart Zone Pro (if you haven’t already seen the initial video) hits pretty hard, with the claims of 150fps seeming to be on the low end of what it actually hits. More importantly, it does this with an easier than expected priming motion – the comparison to priming an Artemis seems very accurate. Of course, you’re not firing balls with this blaster, but darts – both full length and half length darts, depending on what you like. It’s also very accurate – my testing was by no means scientific, but I could just casually aim at a large target and hit it consistently. Seeing it used in battle, it kept up with everything else on the field.

The darts themselves are pretty distinctive from everything else on the market, with ridges molded into the foam itself – these form the seal in the barrel. The dart heads are also new, with plenty of weight (but also some give – notice the hole that goes all the way through) and with solid glue holding them in. The unique shades of orange and green also make them fairy easy to spot, as it turns out. At some point in the future, I’ll have to do Drac a favor and return these by shooting them back at him.

At this point, I’m sold on the DZP. It’s solidly built, with great power and consistency, and looks to be a great, low-maintenance blaster for high-power game types.

Hopefully by my next post, I’ll have actual footage from the war edited!

  • Valour’s Blasters

    I’m sold on the DZP as well! I cannot wait to get my hands on mine to do my usual aesthetic upgrades as well as seeing if it can be upgraded at all. I forsee a longer barrel and beefier springs in its future!

  • Mica T

    are the half dart mags katana compatible? can you use katana mags in this? can you use this mag in katana magwells?

    • The adapter it comes with is not quite Katana compatible, if I remember correctly. They go in the adapter, but are just shy of lining up in the breech. As well as the whole issue of not being secured. Etc Etc.

      Of course, if you already have a katana adapter on you (or talon), those will fit just fine, since it’s just a standard Nerf Magazine well.