Apocalypse 2019 – The Hyperstrike!

One of the special things about Apocalypse is the variety of things allowed. Being an annual war from back in the days of classic NIC play, high fps blasters are allowed, as are a wide variety of things like Zing bows. As such, I brought one of my Hyperstrike bows and a bunch of arrows. Which ended up working well, because most of my other normal “war blasters” broke. Turns out the Hyperstrike is a ton of fun to use, given a proper setting to use it.

Slow and Steady

Being a bow platform, you have to use your shots much more wisely than with a Nerf blaster. You can only carry so many large arrows, after all. I spent the first round adjusting to actually using one against opponents, with only one actual hit.

The matches after, however, fared much better. Even on the shots that didn’t connect, I was really close to the targets and at least threatening them. It’s just something that takes practice. As well as realizing that you don’t have to use all that power in your hands all at once.

I enjoyed using the Fortnite AR-L for the single round that it was operational (and hitting lots of people with it) and the Big Blast for a few others. But in terms of actually having fun, the Hyperstrike beat the rest of the arsenal for the day. I’m actually looking forward to trying more things with them, including the all-arrow games Zing seems to be promoting this time around.

I’d post more footage of the war, but it’s honestly quite boring. I hope other people had better luck filming this time around!