September Multi-Game Report!

I’ve been a bit absent in posting this week – my time after work has been spent editing video from the past few months, actually! One of many things I’m behind on. To that end, here are a few games from the past month I’ve attended!

Penn State Urban Gaming Club – Mythic Labor Day HvZ

First up, we have a fun day game over in State College, playing with the local Urban Gaming Club. (There are lots of minigames and other activities throughout the year, as well as the big spring invitational – and nest year’s Endwar).

The day game, while open to weirdos like me that travel, was oriented mainly for new players. It made for an interesting dynamic, with lots of wipes and resets as people just had fun playing and learning the quirks of the game. I look forward to making another event sometime, whether it be capture the flag or another small HvZ game, before the big game in April.

I packed Rival, along with an Easter basket full of plush peeps. Because of course I did. Why use socks when cute throwables are allowed? For blasters, though, I used my Perses virtually the entire time (until zombified, of course).

ZipStrike War – U. of Akron

In this case, I got out of work just early enough on a Friday to make the trip up north. I missed Akron’s Spring HvZ Invitational, but I’d heard nothing but good things afterwards. So I went up, did a few rounds (along with a few other Ohio Nerfers I know), and had fun. Check out their page on Facebook for updates throughout the year.

I’ll highlight some of American Foam’s footage here, as it’s better than mine from that game.

I ended up just packing Rival for this game, as well. Easy to grab and go. Used everything from a spring-upgraded Adventure Force Liberator to a Hades to the Perses.

September Z13 @ Detroit Dart Club

As always, it’s a good time at Club Z13. Lots of HvZ minigames in a cool indoor arena, and the ability to pull off lots of silly things you otherwise couldn’t at other HvZ events.

In this case, however, I used mainly the Perses, Xshot Chaos Orbit, and the basket of Peeps. It was hilarious holding down a doorway just by throwing Peeps and socks from behind cover. At least until zombies came from behind. Thanks for the warning, team 😛 I’ll get footage of that edited..,eventually. Such is life at the moment.