Upcoming Game: Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore II

Due to me simply being busy with work and other activities, I thought I’d spare a post highlighting a game next month. I went to the event last year, and it was a blast!

Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore is an all-night HvZ game played on the first level of Mid Rivers Mall near St Louis, Missouri. Humans (last year, it started with two factions) have their tasks to complete, zombies pursue them. Tagged humans are wounded and unable to defend themselves, needing a medic to heal them before getting tagged again. All killed players drop tokens that can be collected (while in play, so be careful) and turned in for upgrades – new abilities like medics, access to better blasters, or (conversely) more perks to slay the humans with.

It turns into an hours-long battle of attrition, with breaks in between for ammo cleanup and hydration. And it’s a ton of fun – I simply used a Boomco blaster and 40-dart clips to keep zombies at bay and get tokens while the humans around me upgraded as needed. Sadly, I never got around to posting the rest of my footage. I should work on that!

See the Facebook event page, and be sure to grab a ticket at the Eventbrite page – space is limited! Tickets simply help to pay for the venue.