Nerf Challenge Press Release!

In addition to the Nerf Action Experience, there seems to be another Nerf-branded event! This time, it’s a touring event called Nerf Challenge, and it’s starting in Los Angeles this winter! Full details below.

Actual Press Release Text

Los Angeles, C.A. – October 17, 2019 – Kilburn Live, an entertainment company focused on producing content with an emphasis on quality and originality, and HASBRO, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), a global play and entertainment company, announced today plans for a new live entertainment touring event – NERF Challenge, debuting in Los Angeles at the Event Deck at L.A. Live starting on December 7.

NERF Challenge is a groundbreaking live attraction that brings the action and competitive fun of the NERF brand into full focus via a 50,000 square foot, adrenaline pumping, action packed play experience. Running through January 5, 2020 at L.A. Live, guests will immerse themselves in a variety of activities inspired by one of Hasbro’s most iconic and innovative franchises.

At the heart of this amazing event are a variety of off-the-wall challenges playfully designed to test visitor concentration, dexterity, and skill.  Fans can also test their speed and accuracy in specially-designed activations centered on NERF’s iconic blasters and sports products.

Among the interactive activations set for the debut are:

  • Dodge Blast – Partner up and storm a fortified position held by your friends using NERF blasters to score points on stationary targets all while avoiding a barrage of darts.
  • The Arenas – Grab a blaster and take your team to victory in one of three custom themed 4,500 square foot NERF arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing.
  • Colossal Foosball – Enter a single plane of existence as you compete with your friends in a life-sized game of foosball.
  • Wrecking Bowling – Bowling with a twist as you become a human wrecking ball with a single purpose: scoring the elusive strike!
  • Try-athlon Ninja Style Circuit Course – The ultimate test of speed and agility, this soft play obstacle course is designed to put your athletic prowess to the test.

“Simply stated this is 50,000 square feet of over the top, zany, active play for all ages. At NERF Challenge, we have created a world of fun-filled, gamified play between parents and children, siblings, friends, and new friends.” said Mark Manuel, CEO at Kilburn Live. “This is something NERF fans have been dreaming about for decades, and with our partners at Hasbro, we are finally able to bring this adrenaline-filled event to life. We are putting guests into the ultimate action-sports experience. This will be pure, 100% fun, active play at its finest!”

In the center of the attraction will be a giant stage with high-energy live shows to ensure a constant high-octane atmosphere. These daily events will feature everything from demos and giveaways to audience participation contests and special surprise guests. Surrounding the stage will be three themed arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing, where visitors team up and compete in various challenges powered by various NERF-centric equipment.

NERF Challenge also offers the opportunity for kids and fans to be among the first to get hands on with the latest in cutting-edge NERF technology, including the newly released NERF ULTRA One Blasters, NERF’s farthest firing blaster ever!

“For the last 50 years, the NERF franchise has consistently redefined and reinvented the world of active play,” says Adam Kleinman, Vice President Global Brand Strategy & Marketing at Hasbro. “We are dedicated to providing fans with the products and experiences they want most, and NERF Challenge combines the best of both worlds to create a true interactive play experience that leverages the cutting-edge innovations NERF is known for.”

Following its initial Los Angeles run, NERF Challenge will be rolling out across multiple cities in the U.S. and Canada over the next year. Fans can also vote for future tour markets on the tour website which will be updated with the experience’s schedule.

“We’re excited to team up with Kilburn to introduce a brand new way for fans to experience their favorite Hasbro brands,” says Casey Collins, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Hasbro Consumer Products. “NERF Challenge is the first of many interactive entertainment spaces yet to come, which will bring ‘the world’s best play experiences’ from Hasbro to life for both kids and adults to enjoy.”

Due to anticipated demand, fans can register to receive first access to a limited quantity of tickets for the LA engagement at Tickets will officially go on sale on October 28 for the grand opening at L.A. Live on December 7.

My Take

It’s about time for Nerf to actually bring back public, interactive experiences. That they’re going with a touring setup is a bit interesting – it does bring up questions of how big a city is big enough for them to consider stopping by. It’s also of interest to me what’s more important, the activities and showing off blasters, or the valuable PR you get in an area while you’re there. In any case, it’s hitting at the tail end of the holiday season. So at the very least, I hope it’s an opportunity for them to unveil newer products to a wider audience than just the standard press releases and fan sites (there are always a few blasters that pop up right at the new year, after all).