Packing for Ragnarocktoberfest – The Loadout

Packing for a game out in California is a hassle, so I’m going relatively light! Just thought I’d make a quick post showing what you’ll see out there this weekend!

The Stalking Dead – RevReaper

Yes, you read that right. After all, when traveling to a game, make sure you bring something you know will work! This thing has been to NIC wars, HvZ games, the works, and is still going strong. Assuming you don’t completely mangle your darts before loading them in, it also very rarely jams. I have ten clips with me – there’s no way I can fill them all at the beginning of the game, but they may come in handy if I survive long enough.

Plus, it’s great for convention plinking, and is a handy backup for the following day.

King of the Hill 5v5 – Stryfe

This one was made for me two years ago by Bobololo, who sadly won’t be making the trip this year. He’ll be here in spirit, though. Shaped handle, nice triggers, original FANG motors and cyclones. Plus a pretty paintjob.

It’s such a shame he couldn’t bother to spell my name right on the expanded battery door tray (or did he…?)

For the Memes…?

Okay, let’s be honest, even if it’s somehow allowed, I doubt it’ll be very useful. But it does fire under 130fps, and it’ll be at my table for the morning. At least when someone isn’t trying to ride off with it…such is the nature of silly projects, after all!

Which reminds me, I should probably pack my lipo charger…