Adventure Force Water Strike Blasters Appear!

It’s right after Christmas, and as things get clearanced out, the spring products start popping up, including soakers. As was the case last year, Walmart is being quick to put out its in-house brands first. As such, we now have some new things to look at (and review once they arrive).

On-shelf pics are courtesy of u/Abquintic, who’s also active on various Discord channels – and should life allow it, get back to updating the Not Quite Nerf blog.

Buzz Bee Makes a Push!

It seems Buzz Bee Toys is taking up the most (new) shelf space this time around in the Adventure Force line, at least in terms of “serious soakers”. The Tsunami Drencher (link not quite working yet) is a prettier Drench Force. The other two, the Triton and Poseidon, are based off the classic Steady Stream design; they’re pump-to-shoot, but first fill a spring-loaded chamber to allow a continuous water stream. The Poseidon, apparently, is the larger one, holding a massive 90 fluid oz of water. Talk about endurance…if you can carry it that long. Prices range from $10 to $20.

Don’t Forget the Others!

Prime Time Toys (Dart Zone) has had plenty of blasters on Walmart shelves, and this year is no exception. While I’d expect to spot previous designs, there’s also the Typhoon Cannon, another pump-to-shoot option. It holds 65fl oz, and appears to have an exclusive color if bought on I have one on the way to try out! $15

Finally, Xshot has been a major presence, with the Fast Fill line being a major success. However, you’ll also be able to find their rebranded Pressure Jet blaster being sold as the Cyclone Burst. Also for $15.