Bunkr Now Partnered With Nerf?

When last I saw Bunkr Battle Zones, it was in the back of the exhibit hall at Toy Fair 2019. Since then, I’ve seen the various products on shelves, from inflatable wooden crates to competition sets (red v blue). Admittedly, I’ve never had the need to buy the products due to where I play (areas with plenty of cover) or game types with less of a need (many Humans v Zombies games).

However, an interesting development appeared online today – officially Licensed Nerf Bunkr gear now exists! Granted, the article is from a UK-focused toy magazine, and thus concentrates on a UK distribution deal. Even so, it’s interesting to see licensing Nerf get licensed to an existing product, especially when something similar from Jazwares was supposed to have appeared last year (at a far higher price). It is, of course, child-sized. But aren’t most toys?

If we’re lucky, Bunkr will be at Toy Fair again this year, and we’ll be able to hear more. In the meantime, be sure to read the Toy News Magazine article!