Containment Crew Rival Takedown Grip Review

Note: I got things sent to me for free to try out. Thanks, Containment Crew!

Occasionally I do get to look at new mods and mod kits. In this case, it’s a new item from Containment Crew, a replacement pump grip for the Nerf Rival Takedown. It’s the only part of the blaster I didn’t like, due to the lack of texture or ridges for priming. In stock form, it’s not bad at first, but with sweaty hands (or stronger springs), it becomes a major issue. There are a few other nice grips out there – but this is the one I’m reviewing at the moment.

Drop-In Replacement

The new grip is printed out of ABS, and includes several nice features. Firstly, there’s actual texture all down the sides of the grip that you can feel and grasp with your hands. That by itself is a major improvement. There’s a small ridge at the back that your hand presses against. However, the biggest (and most unique) feature is the strap. You can cut it down to the length you desire, to fit around your hand, and use it to get a really tight grip. And because the strap is the main feature, the blaster will still be easy to holster (no parts sticking out).

Installation was easy – I unscrewed the stock pump grip and put this on instead. You’ll reuse the two screws that connect the pumpĀ  grip to the priming sled inside the blaster.

Of course, having the pump grip means you can add a better spring. And since it’s a Kronos-type system…


Using the blaster is much easier with the new grip. Even with hands wet on purpose, it’s easy to prime and fire the blaster in quick succession, even with a spring replacement. On that topic, the Kronos Pro-fit spring makes my Takedown shoot 130fps now…so it may or may not pass for HvZ games, depending on how it chronys that day.

Extra Note

I know the guys that make up Containment Crew; they’re friends of mine. But they also make really good stuff, and are well-supplied when it comes to modding supplies. Give them a try if you need stuff for your blasters, not just the Takedown.

The grip works, and it works great!

If you don’t like this particular style, there are others from vendors like Out of Darts, Foam Technician, and Xero1Tec. Just search and see what you like!