A Nerf Nerf App? “Epic Pranks” Appears

Another thing I noticed in the news: a kids’ Nerf game for mobile devices. Hasbro has had their focus on “Bring Home the Fun” ever since the current pandemic broke out, encouraging play at home (in board games, Nerf activities, etc). However, digital games are no exception, and we now see the official release of a simple Nerf game, Nerf Epic Pranks! The first of several games to come in a partnership, it’s been in development for a while, and gets a wide release at a rather convenient time. Currently, only iOS devices are supported (Android coming soon).

For basic gameplay, watch a video here. You’re simply trying to tag friends to earn rewards and upgrade your blaster. Clearly realism isn’t an objective, if a Disruptor can fire that many darts without reloading 😛