Another Water Warriors Blaster? The Gargantua X

I’m going to be writing up reviews on quite a few soakers over the next week or two. But while I’m in the process of testing things…I came across this entry on Buzz Bee’s website, that briefly appeared at Toy Fair. More accurately, it was on one of the tables, but I assumed it was the old model Gargantua and ignored it. Oops.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Gargantua was a originally a pressurized blaster. It featured a small CPS-type rubber bladder that, while limited in size, gave nice power.

This latest iteration, however, seems to replace that mechanism completely with the “Steady Stream” style pump blaster mechanism. Granted, that seems to be a theme this year – two of their Walmart entries rely on the same thing. Still, it’s a bit disappointing that only the Outlaw remains on their site as the only current pressurized blaster.

I’ll try and get a hold of┬áthe Gargantua X whenever it shows up. Who knows, it might be comfortable to use!