Adventure Force Super Drum



Avg. Price:

$25 @ Walmart


88fps average

Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


Same great blaster, but new colors and better ranges!

Adventure Force Super Drum (Re)-Review

Back in 2016, XShot released their highest capacity blaster to date, the Turbo Advance. Following the initial release, it soon became a staple on Walmart shelves as the Super Drum, with various color schemes over the past few years. This year, the newest colors are blue, light blue, and pink! It should also be noted that range claims have improved since the initial release, from 80ft to 90ft. Finally, I may have bought a Chinese knockoff for comparison…so having the real thing on hand is probably a good idea. On to the review!

Yep, That’s a Turbo Advance

The Super Drum platform has not changed in any significant fashion. It’s still a pump action blaster, holding forty rounds in two tracks on the drum. A selector switch on the left side aligns the plunger tube with the desired track. This allows you to fire off twenty rounds before needing to switch; once you switch, you’re free to refill that track without impeding your ability to fire.

The drum is easy to install and remove, thanks to the front pivot point being capable of movement back and forth. While that does mean you can just swap out any extra drums you have, in reality it’s not necessary. Given the total capacity, it’s easy to just reload on the fly while playing. After all, if you have to fire all forty rounds that quickly…you may not have thought things through.

With no stock, the Super Drum is very much oriented towards hip fire. It’s light enough that holding it up for aiming isn’t a problem. But if you’re the kind of person that expects their primary-type blaster to be tactical in terms of comfort, you’ll be disappointed.

The plastic body still has the same molding as before – no change in anything but color there. Granted, Zuru doesn’t use the thickest or strongest plastic, but they do quite well at molding it in strong shapes to make up for the thin walls.


The Super Drum I got still fires roughly two darts per second (there is no slamfire). It does, however, have increased power, getting an average of 88fps with the included darts (Xshot darts with normal-length foam bodies).


The insides of the Super Drum are familiar. A rigid plastic priming rod sits above the barrel and cylinder, and it is what connects the priming handle to the plunger system. I did not remove it to confirm, but I would assume the spring is slightly stronger than in the original version of the blaster, thus the increased ranges.

Last Thoughts

The Turbo Advance/Super Drum really hasn’t changed over the years, but it hasn’t needed to. It’s still a great, high-capacity platform that’s great for both stock wars and Humans v Zombies. It is nice, however, to see alternative colors and slightly improved performance! And it still comes with far more darts than you’d expect, all for just $25. Even if the Xshot darts remain a bit lacking in the accuracy department (but a few bucks on proper Adventure Force waffle darts more than fixes that issue).

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