Adventure Force Battle Blazer


Buzz Bee Toys

Avg. Price:

$10 Walmart Exclusive


77fps average

Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


A fun blaster, even if it's not as practical as other choices.

Adventure Force Battle Blazer Review

Buzz Bee Toys is an interesting company when it comes to blaster design. While they have put out more and more designs that are clearly effective in battle, they still have a tendency to release blasters that are mainly play-oriented, be it through shells, chains, or other methods. In the case of the Battle Blazer, we have a fun blaster that does perform well compared to main brands. Is this chain-fed pistol practical? You be the judge.

New Chain, Who Dis?

In an age where everyone seems to have different chains (Xshot Crusher, AF V-Twin, etc), we have yet another chain that’s incompatible with everything else. Just remember that before you look at your collection and think you have more loops to load.

In the case of the Battle Blazer, the chain comes in two 6-link sections, to be snapped together. According to the instructions, you finish assembly after opening the loading door and putting the chain in the blaster. Simply put, a 12-link chain isn’t large enough to actually slip off and change if reloading. However, if you’ve bought several Battle Blazers (or if Buzz Bee ever makes these chains available for purchase through their website), then you could expand the chains to the point where you can slip them in and out of the blaster. It’s unfortunate that in meeting retailer needs for packaging and pricing, Buzz Bee lost one of the main aspects of chain-fed blasters.

The blaster itself is easy to handle, with a usable handle similar in size to that of the Rebel Mech; it’s a bit uncomfortable at the webbing between thumb and index finger. The charging handle on top has a somewhat stiff prime, due to both compressing the spring and rotating the chain. There’s also no return spring on the slide, so make sure you return it forward if you want to fire.

The blaster shell is quite sturdy, although the designs in the molding just seem busy to me, aiming for fun-looking designs.

The blaster ships with 12 of Buzz Bee’s long distance darts.


The Battle Blazer doesn’t stand out too much, at an average of 77fps with the included darts (heavier darts shed a few fps). Being a chain-fed pistol, rate of fire slows down compared to other designs; expect around two darts per second.

On the Inside

In terms of the mechanics, there’s nothing terribly special inside the Battle Blazer. Priming the blaster also rotates the chain feeding mechanism. The loading door does have a ridge for holding back the plunger tube when it opens. Assuming you have the chain available for reloading, this makes the process easier.

Final Thoughts

It seems like there’s a minimum amount of chain needed for such blasters to be really fun or effective. As such, if you just buy one Battle Blazer, you have a blaster you reload from the front, but with a chain that can move (as opposed to reloading a cylinder). Hopefully, Buzz Bee has more chain-fed blasters on the way – while this one is fun to use and fires well, it lacks in practicality with such a short chain.

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