Nerf Mega Motostryke



Avg. Price:



66fps average

Rate of Fire:

Three darts per second


An overdue and great addition to the Mega line!

Nerf Mega Motostryke Review

Honestly, this is the blaster I’ve been excited for all year. Odd ammo types are my specialty; I have themed loadouts for Humans v Zombies, PvP events, and other happenings for everything from Vortex to Ballistic Balls. However, one of the things that has always been missing is a semi-auto Mega blaster. Now, we have the Motostryke. It’s compatible with previous Mega magazines, has a smooth trigger pull, and already has plenty of upgrade opportunities. If you like large ammo in any way at all, you need to buy at least one Motostryke.

Backwards Compatibility

For those of you who missed the first era of Mega Magazines, they used to be a thing! The Centurion came with a 6-dart magazine…and then nothing else did. Buzz Bee made the Air Max XL line, along with 3 and 12-dart mags, but that didn’t sell well and was scrapped. Didn’t stop me from getting 25 of those mags, however!

Now, though, Nerf has returned to the magazine idea with the Motostryke. It comes with a ten round magazine. While individual magazine purchase is not yet a thing, you can use the old magazines! This factor alone adds so much value to the Motostryke, and makes me far happier than it would any normal person. Magazine insertion is admittedly a bit tight, but not enough to make the task difficult.

The blaster itself is quite comfortable; it’s roughly the size of a Rapidstrike, with a lengthy (and decently comfy) stock and a large foregrip. The handle is large, with tons of room for your thumb and fingers. The trigger pull is buttery smooth. The four “C” batteries sit in the stock, helping keep the blaster balanced. One tactical rail sits on top of the carry handle, along with “iron sights” molded into the shell.


The Motostryke performs okay as a stock Mega blaster, with single shots averaging 66fps. The motors are somewhat slow to spin up, however, so you need a few seconds between those shots to maintain velocity. Shooting faster will result in weak shots.

If you do need to shoot faster, you can pull off three darts per second.


Mega blasters have always been somewhat oversized. When it comes to rewiring, it just means an abundance of space for putting things in. Given the similarities in wheels and motors to the Mastodon, I’d assume that either a 2s or 3s lipo battery would do well powering the blaster. In addition, depending on your preferences, you might replace the plastic leaf springs with metal ones.

Of course, there’s even more you can do…but I’ll save that for the next post!

Final Opinion

If you’re a fan of Mega blasters, then the Motostryke is a blaster that’s long overdue. Yes, it’s a Stryfe for Megas. But the fact that we can still use our old magazines is the biggest takeaway – and I hope this trend continues. Making Mega a legit contender during wars is probably the best thing about Nerf’s lineup this year.

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