Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Ghostpopper



Avg. Price:

$20 Walmart Exclusive


20' ranges

Rate of Fire:

One popper every three seconds


Ahhhhh, the nostalgia!

Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Ghostpopper Review

One of the fondest memories of my childhood was having a Ghostbusters Ghostpopper. Naturally, I remember it being bigger, due to being a small child at the time. Nevertheless, this rerelease has me reliving those days, firing large foam chunks up to 20′ away as advertised. It’s certainly not a performance-based blaster, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s just $20 of pure fun.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!

The Ghost Popper is a simple toy. You load ammo in the front, pull back the handle, and push it forward quickly to fire. The top of the blaster features storage for the six included “slugs”. The front handle is on the small side, of course, but it’s also a children’s toy. So the experience on my end is a bit different, being thirty-one instead of five years old!

The ammo is a simply foam slug, measuring roughly 34mm in diameter and 50mm long. It’s not aerodynamic in any sense, of course, but we don’t need little kids launching projectiles at harmful speeds, do we? It’s still enough to get the advertised ranges, however. The barrel is slightly tighter in ID than the foam ammo.

As with the original, you can cut out targets on the back of the box! Because Slimer always needs captured! You also have the appropriate stickers, including on the plunger inside the blaster to indicate that you’re “charged up”.


As stated, the blaster does hit the 20′ ranges on the box. With practice, it’s fairly easy to fire off a shot every three seconds.

Of course, mileage will vary with age and arm strength (not to mention eye/hand coordination)I


The blaster itself is fairly simple, being a push/pull blaster. However, it also has a HUGE plunger tube, measuring 54mm ID and having around 72mm in plunger draw. That’s almost 165mL of volume! I really want to hook up a proper barrel to this and see what happens! Hopefully something good.

Final Opinion

Nostalgia is great, but the key to nostalgia is the original being good to begin with. With that in mind, the Ghostpopper delivers, firing foam slugs like it did before. Feel free to grab one at Walmart and turn your kids into Ghostbusters!


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