Adventure Force Triton Quick Review

NOTE: Thanks Buzz Bee for sending a free sample my way!

The Adventure Force Triton is one of many Steady-Stream style blasters made by Buzz Bee Toys. If you’ll recall, last year gave us its big brother, the Poseidon. The Triton may be smaller, but for $10 it has the same punch and is much easier to wield in soaker wars.

Compact Design

The Triton is pretty simple, with most of the space being devoted to the large reservoir (which holds the advertised 30oz). The rest is dedicated to the pump and the spring-loaded pressure chamber. As with all of Buzz Bee’s Steady Stream blasters, there is no working trigger (even if a decorative one is present). Instead, the input for the pressure chamber is wider than the output/nozzle, so continuous pumping results in the compression of the spring.

This creates a “buffer” that allows you to make continuous streams; even when you’re extending the pump to get more water, the spring-loaded chamber is firing out water from that buffer volume.

The main grip is sized with children in mind; larger hands may find a finger hanging off. The pump grip, however, is quite nice, with plenty of molded texture; it’s easy to grasp and use even when wet.


The Triton, firing at an angle, hit 37′ maximum in my testing. That’s almost to the advertised 38′, and very acceptable (variances in both users and blaster manufacture could lead to that last foot of distance). The blaster maintained a consistent stream during use, with it only breaking up towards the end of travel distance.


There seem to be a lot of Walmart soakers hitting the $10-$20 price point this year, and which one you get is going to depend largely on style of play. If you like that strong, continuous stream for chasing down your opponents, the Triton will serve well.