Nerf and Roblox: Blaster Crossover News!

I posted about these blasters on relevant social media, but forgot the main site itself. Oops.

Have some photos and analysis from Nerf’s press release!

First, Press Release Info!

NERF ROBLOX Product Descriptions – FINAL


Roblox, a unique social media/gaming platform platform, has been chugging along since 2004, relying on a community of developers to make content and experiences, and monetizing the results. In addition to acquiring a huge user base over the years (many in younger demographics), the company also recently went public with a direct IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. So while it may be an online platform for different games, it’s more than large enough to capitalize on these assets with a Hasbro partnership.

I’m not personally excited for any of these blasters, although the Adopt Me! BEES and Pulse Laser are interesting. Frankly, while I understand the need to maintain cartoonish looks and similarity to in-universe weapons, the designs on these blasters seem generally plain. Still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they end up being more fun than at first appearance.