Nerf Cat Catnip Disc Blaster Review

Nerf Dog has been a thing for years now. At last, cats can join in on the fun? Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a flagship product – at $15, it’s relatively cheap, but if you cat is actually active, it might be worth it.

Note that this is a Petco exclusive!

Not a Laser, Not Vortex

Let’s temper a few expectations: the “laser” part of the blaster, run by 2 AAA batteries, is just an LED with a plastic lens over it. It makes a bullseye at about a foot away, but the light diminishes at further distances. My cats didn’t seem to care about it unless they were already close to me, when the light was easy to see. It’s rather unfortunate, because half the appeal of using lasers with cats is not needing to be beside them!

The catnip discs are flat in design, with ridged edges, and are fired by a simple spring-loaded mechanism.┬áThe trigger directly primes the blaster, and releases the energy once it finishes travel. As a result, there’s not much energy actually firing the discs, so ranges are limited. Smooth floors, of course, provide opportunities for the discs to slide.

Should a jam occur, or a disc break, the top of the blaster slides back for clearing and cleaning.

The hopper holds12 discs or so – more than the three the blaster comes with. I ended up buying a refill pack on the same shelf.

In Use

As you can tell, my cats aren’t big on catnip for some reason. Even so, something flying across the floor is reason enough to at least investigate.

The light…didn’t go over as well.

Last Thoughts

$15 for a blaster with a light and three discs is okay, but it’s not the greatest deal, either. I was certainly expecting more, I know that for a fact.

All I know is, because I’m weird like that, this blaster will probably end up used at an actual war for humiliating opponents, rather than staying at home.