Nerf Ultra Focus



Avg. Price:

$40 Amazon Exclusive


100fps average

Rate of Fire:

Three darts per second


The definitive version of the Amp, thanks to the ammo and stock.

Nerf Ultra Focus Review

Nerf likes to sell reskinned blasters as exclusives at various stores, and Amazon is no exception. In the case of Ultra, we have a new version of the Amp called the Focus. If you’ve read our previous review, then the basics are all the same. The Focus, however, comes with a larger magazine, a stock with magazine storage, and the new Ultra Accustrike darts. As a package, it’s quite good. And it’s probably the Ultra blaster I’d run consistently in a Humans v Zombies game, should inexpensive Ultra Accustrike ammo ever exist.

Adding to the Package

Like the Amp, the Focus is a semi-auto dart blaster. The Focus features red lettering and a slightly altered paint scheme, and it comes with a red, ten-dart magazine. Just fill it with the included Accustrike ammo, put 6 AA batteries in the blaster, and you’re ready to go.

The Focus features a stock that, while appearing a bit strange, is actually quite comfortable and is long enough for even adult users to appreciate. On the underside of the stock is a slot for magazine storage, if you have any extra Ultra magazines. Yes, that’s a bit of a weakness (outside of a few hobby stores, they’re only sold online), due to how Ultra has been received and marketed. But if you’re like me and have the equipment, it’s quite useful.

Due to the way the cage mounts (loosely, and without screws), the blaster is quite noisy. Even so, it’s easy to use, the geared pusher is buttery smooth, and the handles are more serviceable than other Ultra blasters, thanks to being open and having room for hands.


In my testing, the Focus fires¬†like the Amp, albeit much straighter. The included darts averaged 100fps on the dot, and would actually hit targets and/or opponents consistently. Three darts per second is easy to achieve, although that rate of fire dies come with reduced velocity since the flywheels can’t spin up fast enough.


Again, the Focus is just an Amp with a slightly different color scheme and decoration. The insides are exactly the same, so any sort of rewire will be the same as before.

Also, where originally there wasn’t a conversion for the Ultra Amp, now there is one; you can purchase cages or conversion kits from Kuryaka and Out of Darts, or print your own¬†and make your own custom creation. I know there are many people who actually like the blaster but not Ultra, so there’s an option for firing short darts at high velocities, should you be so inclined.

Final Analysis

The Ultra Focus, like the Ultra Amp, is a good semi-auto blaster (and thankfully, this one shoots straight). The stock is a wonderful addition, as are the new darts. Is it worth $40? Perhaps, as that seems to be Nerf’s price point for a solid semi-auto blaster these days. It just comes down to how much you’ll invest in the Ultra ecosystem – as well as whether the new darts and magazines become widely available, as well as affordable.

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